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How to Clean your Magnetic Lashes

Taking care of your magnetic lashes will prolong the lifespan of your lashes and help you get over 30 wears from each pair!

Here is our step by step guide to taking care of your lashes 

STEP 1 - Keep them in the box when not in use

By keeping your lashes in their box it will help keep the shape of the lashes and protect them from dust and dirt getting stuck in the lashes or on the band.


STEP 2 - Hold lashes and gently start to remove excess liner

Gently peel any excess eyeliner off of the band and magnets with your fingers to make it easier to clean and remove any build up of liner


STEP 3 - Use Warm Water

Use a cotton bud soaked in warm water to clean off remaining liner from the magnets and any liner from the lashes. Be careful not to pull out any lashes, gently does it!

Do not use your cleansing balm or touch up pen to clean your lases as this may damage the magnets or the lashes themselves.


STEP 4 - Comb through your lashes

Use a spoolie or clean dry mascara style wand to comb through your lashes and help return them to their ideal shape once dry. Place back in box once dry.