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How to Remove your Magnetic Lashes & Liner

Introducing the NEW Magnetic Liner Cleansing Balm

  • Kinder to eyes
  • Soft buttery texture
  • Melts away magnetic liner (and other waterproof eye makeup!)

We've taken the hassle out of applying lashes... and the hassle out of your makeup removal! 

STEP 1 - Remove the lashes

Gently lift your magnetic lashes away from the liner line from the outer corner of the lash band. Try not to pull on the lashes themselves so as not to spoil or damage the lashes.


STEP 2 - Warm the balm

Take a small pea size amount of the new cleansing balm and warm the balm between your fingers. As you warm the balm it should change in consistency and become less thick and more liquid


STEP 3 - Massage into liner

Take the balm and gently massage into the liner line on your eye. You wont need to rub too hard into the line for it to start to melt away 


STEP 4 - Wipe away the liner

Once you have massaged in the cleansing balm, the liner should start to come away easily and you can then wipe to remove the remaining balm and liner with little to no residue. You can now repeat on the other eye or apply again to small areas with a Q-Tip/Cotton swap to more stubborn liner areas if needed.

 If the cleansing balm gets directly into your eye wash with warm water immediately.

To clean your Magnetic Lashes

  1. After each use clean the magnets on your false lashes with warm water and a cotton bud.
  2. Start by gently peeling any excess eyeliner off of the magnets.
  3. Take a cotton bud soaked in warm water and gently clean the magnets.
  4. Repeat these steps until the magnets are clear of any excess eyeliner.
  5. Place lashes back into the tray to maintain lash shape.