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How to Trim Magnetic Lashes


For the perfect, natural-looking lash application you want to first observe your natural lash line. The inner corner of your falsies should line up with the start of your natural lashes for a fully blended look.



Measure by holding your lashes up to your eye and see how they fit with your natural lash line. Top tip - using a lash applicator can make this easier! Once you have matched up the inner corner of the false lash with the start of your natural lashes, it's time to trim the excess on the outer edge.



Now you have measured your lashes you can trim away any excess from the outer edge. Remember, trim as close to the next magnet on the lash band as possible for the most secure hold. Shop lash scissors here.



Once you have applied your magnetic liner and allowed it to fully dry, you are ready to apply your trimmed lashes. You can use a lash applicator to help control your application and get as close to the lash line as possible. Trust us, you'll feel the attraction! Shop applicator here.