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Article: How to apply magnetic lashes

How to apply magnetic lashes

Firstly, all of our lashes come with full instructions so please make sure that you read these carefully before you try out your lashes.

Applying lashes used to be hard and messy, meaning lots of fiddling around with glue and struggling to make sure that they stick and stay in place. Not any more! Lola’s Lashes use tiny magnets and magnetic lash liner for all day wear that’s weatherproof and waterproof. The magnets in our lashes and eyeliner help you to keep them in place whilst they adhere, making application far quicker and easier than using glue.

So, let’s move on with how to apply these false lashes and how magnetic lashes work:

Application instructions              

  1. Shake your eyeliner well before using
  2. Apply Lola’s magnetic eyeliner onto your lash line like normal liquid liner and let it dry (if you’re curling your own lashes – do this before you use liner!)
  3. Trim lashes to fit your lash line, if required, and then apply your lashes starting with the inner corner first. Push them on to make sure they’re secure before you can flutter your lashes to your hears content.

And that’s it! It takes just minutes to securely and safely apply your Lola’s Lashes. Check out our application video here to see just how quick and easy applying our lashes can be.

When it comes to removing your lashes, simply use the cleansing oil provided in all of our lash starter kits and remove any excess liner from them (don’t use the oil cleanser for this part or you might dislodge the magnets!) Keep your lashes somewhere dry, clean and safe and you can use them for 30 days of all day wear.

Remember, Lola’s Lashes should only be used with the magnetic eyeliner that’s been specially created to make sure that your lashes stay on all day.

Want to find out more about how easy Lola’s Lashes are to use? Check out our reviews here.


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