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Article: Answering your questions about magnetic lashes

Answering your questions about magnetic lashes

If you haven’t used magnetic eyelashes before, you might have some questions. We’ve covered a lot of Frequently Asked Questions in our FAQ section here but we wanted to clear up some of the myths around magnetic lashes.

Will magnetic lashes damage my own eyelashes?

If used correctly, magnetic lashes shouldn’t damage your own lashes at all. They adhere to your eyelid, rather than your own lashes (unlike lash extensions or cluster lashes) so your own lashes will stay safe and intact. The fact that Lola's Lashes don't use glue, mean your lashes are even less likely to get damaged.

Are magnets safe to use near my eyes?

The magnets Lola’s Lashes use are really small, and don’t pose a risk to any body past, including your eyes. Research shows no risks with prolonged use. Also, as a side note, our magnetic eyeliner meets all EU and US safety regulations.

Are magnetic eyelashes easy to apply and use?

They really are, all of our lashes are supplied with really clear instructions – there’s a video too! They take just minutes to apply, and can even be put on with just one hand. They’re a great choice for people who have struggled to apply lashes with glue in the past.

I’m allergic to lash glue, can I still use these?

We’ve had great reviews from customers who haven’t been able to use glue-on lashes in the past so even if you have struggled with glue-on lashes in the past, Lola's Lashes are different. The lashes attach using magnets and magnetic eyeliner so no lash glue involved. Make sure to leave us a review and let us know how you get on with magnetic lashes!

Can I use magnetic lashes if I wear contact lenses?

Yep! No more worries about glue getting into your eyes, or causing discomfort when you wear contact lenses. Obviously, please ensure that you observe your usual contact lens hygiene and safety precautions.

Do I wear mascara with magnetic lashes?

We don’t recommend it if you’re going for a more natural look. Mascara can help blend our lashes in with your own, but please be advised that this might affect the longevity of your lashes.

I’ve tried magnetic lashes in the past and found them hard to use…why are yours different?

With Lola’s Lashes, you aren’t trying to match up top and bottom magnets that can be difficult to get in place. This was the case with some of the early magnetic lashes on the market that didn’t get great reviews. Our lashes use magnetic eyeliner and tiny magnets to hold in place all day – this means that you don’t need to use another separate product too. We’ve had lots of happy customers who’ve said how easy they’ve found our lashes to apply.

Can I wear them with glue?

Definitely not – if you apply Lola’s Lashes using glue you could damage the magnets and also, you shouldn’t need to use glue to keep them in place. Our magnetic eyeliner and lashes are wind proof up to 75mph, as well as being waterproof. Say goodbye to glue once and for all!

Are Lola’s Lashes cruelty-free?

100% yes. We only use premium synthetic silk for our lashes, never anything like mink or animal fur. Our lashes are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Can I use Lola’s Lashes if I’ve experienced hair loss as a result of a medical condition?

Yes you can! The lashes adhere to your eyelid rather than your own lashes, and the magnetic eyeliner holds them in place. Hair loss was one of the inspirations for creating Lola’s Lashes, and we’ve had some fantastic feedback from our customers who have used our lashes after losing their own.

Check out our magnetic eyelashes reviews to hear more from our happy customers.

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