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Article: Are magnetic lashes safe?

Are magnetic lashes safe?

After years of glue being the only real option for false lashes, it's understandable that people have some questions when it comes to magnetic lashes. They're one of the newest lash enhancement products on the market, and people haven't had the opportunity to try them out and decide what they think about them...yet.

With that in mind, today we're talking about safety and whether magnetic lashes are safe to use. The short answer is - yes, they are!

The longer answer is that when used correctly, magnetic lashes shouldn't cause any problems with your own lashes. The lashes don't actually stick to your own lashes, they stick to the special magnetic eyeliner you would use on your eyelid, so your own lashes shouldn't be affected. Unlike glue, which can pull or get caught in your own lashes.

On to the magnets that we use for our eyelashes. The magnets we use in all of our lashes are strong enough to hold in place for a day of full wear (we use five tiny magnets, instead of three like a lot of other brands, for extra security), as well as being weatherproof and waterproof, but as they're really tiny magnets that we use they're safe to use and won't cause any problems with your eyes. The magnets we use are very small and do not possess anywhere near the power required to pose a risk to any body part. There has been extensive testing conducted on the effect of magnetic lashes on the eyes and research shows that there are absolutely no risks associated with prolonged use. 

Our lashes are also really good for people who may have struggled to wear false lashes in the past because they're allergic to lash adhesives. We also don’t use any real fur or hair in our lashes as all of our products are made from synthetic premium silk and are completely cruelty-free.

Our magnetic eyeliner complies with all EU and US safety regulations and is completely safe for the skin and eyes. This includes sensitive skin. There are absolutely no dangerous ingredients in our formula (which we’re sure you’ll be pleased to know!)

Removal of the magnetic liner is a breeze too, simply use the oil provided in our lash kits to gently remove the eyeliner from your eyelids.

Check out our magnetic eyelashes reviews to hear from our happy customers.


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