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Article: How to care for magnetic lashes

How to care for magnetic lashes

All of our lashes come with application and care instructions, so please make sure you read these before you apply and use your lashes to make sure that they stay in optimum condition. By following the care instructions carefully, your lashes should be good to go for 30 days of continuous full-day!

Magnetic lashes are super-easy to care for (unlike lash extensions, which need a lot of TLC and upkeep), as well as being easy to apply and remove. They offer real flexbility in your look and lash style without having to worry about them staying in place.

When you apply your lashes, make sure you're apply the eyeliner to clean eyelids and that you're careful when you apply your magnetic eyeliner - there's nothing harmful in it, but we all know how horrible it is to get make up in your eye! Position them carefully and make sure that no lashes are adhered anywhere they shouldn't.

Try not to pull or tug at your lashes during wear as this could damage them. Our lashes are weatherproof (up to 75mph winds!) and waterproof, so they shouldn't move around once you've got them on and in place.

Adding mascara to your lashes isn't recommended, although this can sometimes help with the appearance of your lashes, but please be aware that this could affect how long your lashes last for. Please don’t wear glue with your Lola’s Lashes as you will damage the magnets and the chance of your lashes adhering properly in future.

When it comes to removal, gently peel off your lashes and remove the magnetic eyeliner from your lids using the cleansing oil provided in our magnetic lash starter kit. If there is any magnetic liner left on your lash band, remove this gently by pulling it from the lash band, taking extra care around the magnets. Please don't use the oil cleanser on your actual lashes as these could affect the magnets and make them fall off your lash band!

Store your lashes somewhere safe and secure, there's nothing worse than losing a lash and having to throw away the whole pair.

Find out more about the next evolution in false lashes, check out our range of magnetic eyelash products.


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