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Wispy Hybrid DIY Lash Extensions Starter Set

Sale price$43.00

Under-lash Seamless Finish

7 Days Wear

Lash Tech Approved Style

10 Minute Application

Apply Bond

Brush on a thin coat of Bond under your natural lashes – a little goes a long way. Then wait 20-30 seconds for the Bond to become tacky on your lashes.

Apply Lashes

Using the lash applicator, gently apply each individual cluster lash underneath the base of your natural lashes, 1mm away from the waterline to avoid possible irritation.


Once you’re satisfied with your application, you can use the lash applicator to clamp down on your natural lashes and the lash clusters. This will help the adhesive set.

Apply Seal

To remove any residue and give your lashes an extra long lasting hold, apply a thin coat of the seal above and below the lashes.

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